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Conventional Formwork

Not all projects will suit formwork panels. Use our FormShore MultiForm system to build conventional vertical forms where difficult geometry, or high pressures, require a bespoke system.

Formshore Soldiers

These versatile beams range in size from 0.3m to 3.0m. They are used in a variety of situations where a strong lightweight shoring or support beam is required. Use in horizontal, vertical or as a diagonal support for precast panels. 

Panel Propping Soldiers.jpg
Slab Forms.jpg

Slab Forms

Combine our FormShore 80 propping system with our FormShore Soldiers and H20 beams or Top Beams to create slab forms and table forms.

Our top beams replace the old timber H2O beams or aluminium A beams. They are strong and durable and can be used many times without suffering from the effects of water or decay. Plywood is fixed with a pneumatic fired nail or self tapping screw. Used in a vertical or horizontal support arrangement.

F17 Formply

Hardwood formply 2440 x 1220 and 18mm thick.

F17 Formply.jpg
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