Modular Formwork

Our Modular Formwork is a productivity story -  "Simple and Smart".  By reducing programme, labour and material costs our systems directly improve the profitability of your project.

Formshore supplies the Meva suite of Formwork systems.  From handset and crane set wall forms to the MevaDec slab system, we have all your Formwork requirements covered.


Alkus is the revolutionary form face developed by Meva.  A composite aluminium/plastic panel it is impervious to water and so does not swell or crack like plywood.  Alkus is guaranteed for 7 years and can be used up to 1500 times.  It is easy to repair, requires less release agent and can be cleaned by high pressure water blasting without damage. Below is the finish on the walls of the Samoan High Commission in Wellington.

Walls and Columns


Heavy Duty


The AluFix Handset system is the perfect product for the New Zealand market.  With a rated capacity of 50Kn it can handle most operations.  AluFix can also be used as a flexible and efficeint slab formwork solution.  AluFix's lightweight makes manual handling easy and safe - it is a pleasure to use.

Handset systems are perfect for situations where a crane is not on site.  On fully serviced sites they give the formworker independence and allow them to continue production regardless of crane availability.  


Concrete slab construction is moving away from precast elements for seismic reasons.  MevaDec provides the solution for efficient in-situ slab forming.

With only three components - panel, drop head prop and beam, MevaDec goes up fast.  It is designed to be flexible (grids run both ways) so that infill work is minimised.  The drophead prop allows the panels and beams to be re-used and the props left in place.  Being a handset system MevaDec is crane independent and can proceed in most weather conditions.  Skilled carpentry labour is minimised. 

Safety is designed into MevaDec with lightweight hand set panels minimising body strain injuries.  All installation is done from the floor below and MevaDec has an advanced guardrail system.

StarTec and Mammut

For the big jobs you are going to need the high capacity StarTec and Mammut systems.  These heavy duty systems are efficient and flexible. Panels can be used vertically and horizontally, the systems share componentry and can be used together.

StarTec is suited to heavy commercial and civil work.  The robust panels, universal assembly lock and simple flange nut mean the panels can be installed quickly with minimal ties.

Mammut is the high capacity modular system for industrial construction and civil engineering.  With a capacity of 100kn across the entire form face it is the industry leading panel for heavy duty applications.  

Conventional Formwork

Our conventional formwork systems complement our modular formwork with a wide range of formwork and shoring components.  Our designers can help you work out the best solution for your project.  

Primary and Secondary Beams

Formshore Soldiers

These versatile beams range in size from 0.3m to 3.0m. They are used in a variety of situations where a strong lightweight shoring or support beam is required. Use in horizontal, vertical or as a diagonal support for precast panels. 

Wall Forms

Use our FormShore H20 system to build conventional vertical forms where difficult geometry, or high pressures, require a bespoke system.

Slab Forms

Combine our FormShore 80 propping system with our FormShore Soldiers and H20 beams or Top Beams to create slab forms and table forms.

F17 Formply

Hardwood formply 2440 x 1220 and 18mm thick.

Wall Forms

Soldier beams and top beams can be used to create heavy duty wall forms in civil construction.  Formshore can arrange access scaffolds using the national network of NZ Scaffolding Group.  

Slab Forms

Our top beams replace the old timber H2O beams or aluminium A beams. They are strong and durable and can be used many times without suffering from the effects of water or decay.  Plywood is fixed with a pneumatic fired nail or self tapping screw. Used in a vertical or horizontal support arrangement.

Formwork Accessories

Connection Parts for Formshore Soldiers

Soldier beams are the workhorse of our range and can be connected to each other, or with formwork, to make a wide range of useful products for construction. Examples include tilt panel props, bridge pier formwork, column and table top forms. The Accessories catalogue below contains a range of products that compliment our base beams.

Tie Bars, Wingnuts, Accessories

Formshore supplies a range of tie bars, wing nuts, water stops and other accessories for tieing forms. Compatible with timber shutters and proprietary systems our formwork accessories are proven and cost-effective.

EcoRelease Formwork Release

Our concentrated Eco Release formwork release agent ticks all the boxes.  It is environmentally friendly, cost effective and water based.  Supplied in 20l packs in can be diluted 4:1 on our Alkus panels or 2:1 on plywood.


Propping Towers

Formshore propping towers use heavy duty 60.2mm x 3.6mm galvanised tube as the standard component. With huge capacity our propping towers come in a range of layouts to meet the requirements of any shoring, falsework or propping application. 

Ringlock System

The ringlock connection system means our propping towers are lighter, easier to handle, more versatile and faster to erect than traditional frame systems. 

Panel Props

The Formshore Shisham prop is a favourite with contractors.  It is light weight, has good loading and easy connections.  

Formshore soldier beams quickly transform into props for oversize panels or other heavy duty applications.

Climbing Forms and Screens

Meva Automatic Climbing System

The Meva Automatic Climbing System (MAC) provides a full formwork system for your core or shear wall.  It climbs hydraulically as a unit and is crane independent.  Jumps can be completed in as little as 60 minutes.  It is fully enclosed and, with trailing decks, internal working platforms and ladders, it is the safest system available for core and shear wall construction. 

Superlite Safety Screen

The Superlite safety screen is suitable for edge protection and containment with reduced slab edge loads.  It can be vertically lifted by crane or hydraulic rams and can cover up to 4 floors of construction.  We also have the heavier duty GT150 system with integrated working platforms and stair access.  We take care of the design, manufacture and installation of your screens to ensure a safe and efficient outcome.   


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