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Circular Forms

This project was for a circular tank base at a dairy factory.  The AluFix panels combined with a small timber packer to create the circular form.  The SK 150 bracket provide a quick and efficient single-sided support.

Cheaper. Faster. Adaptable.  Formshore AluFix.

Save the Trees!

The Formshore AluFix system replaces timber formwork.  Not only is it faster to install, but it saves a forest of timber.  These photos illustrate the advantages.  The formworkers building with Formshore AluFix took about 25% of the time.  They used no timber or plywood.  

Our designers will provide you with a fully engineered system, easy to follow plan and all the top quality Formshore gear you need.

Cheaper. Faster. Sustainable.  Formshore AluFix.

New - Formshore Cluster Props

The new Formshore cluster props are a market leading innovation.  The high capacity legs can be grouped in clusters to achieve massive loadings.  The 4m high 4 leg clusters in this photo have a capacity of 539kN.  Need more? Simply add more legs to the cluster. 
Formshore Cluster props can be put together by hand which means that they are perfect for high load situations where crane access is not practical. 


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