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Engineering and Design Solutions

When you buy or rent Formshore products you do so with the support of an experienced team of engineers, designers and installation professionals. We work with you to design a practical solution that suits your site, and your labour force.  With our experience over a wide range of projects we can suggest solutions which may speed up construction and save money.  

Our commitment to our clients doesn't end at the office. We supply on-site technical support to ensure the project requirements and your expectations are being met.

Our suppliers have been operating in the global markets for many years and have teams of engineers developing and supporting their product ranges. Meva of Germany supplies our modular Formwork and is a world leader in innovative formwork solutions. Meva developed the industry leading Alkus form face and incorporates digitalisation for BIM design and construction. 

Sucoot of Taiwan supplies our conventional formwork and propping tower systems.  Sucoot products have been used in 65 countries and in the most challenging civil and commercial construction projects. 

All our designs include easy to follow and fully detailed drawings to assist in the assembly and use of our products in the most efficient and safe manner.


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