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Southport Town Wharf - Bluff

FormShore was engaged to provide two cranable platforms to access the underside of the wharf deck and fuel berth during replacement of the wharf decking and structure.  Access to keep the fuel berth open and allow tanker movements was required.  

We assembled the wharf access platforms in our yard and trucked them to site.  The client added their ply decking and craned the structure into place.  The larger fuel berth access was trucked in 3 sections, assembled on site and then craned into place. 

Client commentary

β€œIt was a pleasure working together with Formshore on our project for South Ports Town Wharf rebuild. Formshore and the team came up with some unique and innovative solutions to enable us to effectively continue construction. The mobile working platform was unique as it was specifically custom made to suit our requirements. They produced a relocatable working platform which our team could use repeatably without any need to assemble and disassemble. This allowed our construction team to carry out works quickly and safely in an area which normally would have had to have scaffolding in place. The berth platform bridge was constructed with the same thinking in mind. The assembly time was minimised as Formshore sent the platform bridge already partly assembled. This enabled us to lift the structure in effortlessly when the fuel tankers docked on the wharf and the vessel workers required passage through our construction site.”

Olga Joensuu

Project engineer – Brian Perry Civil

Innovation and Collaboration

Safe and efficient construction

Wellington Town Hall - Clusterprops

FormShore was engaged to provide a modular propping system to support the massive timber roof trusses in the Wellington Town Hall. The trusses needed to be supported and repaired while the roof was on, and other crews continued with excavation and foundation work. The client required the 16m high propping system to take a load of 200kN.
Because of the very restricted working environment the propping towers had to be assembled and installed by hand.  FormShore's engineers came up with the FormShore 80 cluster prop.  The 9 standard cluster is designed to carry a load of 355kN at 16m so easily met the brief.  Need more load?  Add more standards to your cluster.

Adaptable. Stronger. No Crane.
Formshore 80 Cluster props.

Wellington Town Hall - FormShore Soldiers

FormShore's Soldier beams are a versatile product.  In the Wellington Town Hall they have been used as bearers, scaffolding brackets, diagonal props and horizontal props.  When combined with adjustable jacks, push pull props and our range of bracketry, FormShore soldiers become a very useful construction tool.  Ask us whether FormShore soldiers can help on your site.

Versatile. Strong, Useful.  Formshore Soldiers.

MevaDec Slabs

Our first MevaDec job in a 13 storey apartment development in Wellington.  MevDec was chosen because it is the latest generation of in-situ slab forming systems. It is proven to best in its class in terms of cost, speed and easy adaption to building layouts.  It requires reduced inventory thanks to early stripping and quick cycling time. Note the clear floor areas both pre-pour, and with backpropping. 
The all plastic Alkus facing delivers a smooth flat soffit which will make the installation of services and partitions a breeze. All work is done from the floor below reducing the requirement to work at height.  Our installer Steve Newland commented that, while it was the first time he had used the system, he found it to be light, easy to install and strip.  The adaptability of the panel layout minimised the requirement to form infills. 

Cheaper. Faster. Safer.  Formshore MevaDec.

AluFix foundations

Our AluFix shutters were selected to complete the foundation beams on this project. Alufix for foundation beams is an excellent choice when looking to save labour and solves current issues with material supply shortages and increased costs. 

Save on costs.  Save on programme.  Formshore AluFix.

Circular Forms

This project was for a circular tank base at a dairy factory.  The AluFix panels combined with a small timber packer to create the circular form.  The SK 150 bracket provide a quick and efficient single-sided support.

Cheaper. Faster. Adaptable.  Formshore AluFix.

Save the Trees!

The Formshore AluFix system replaces timber formwork.  Not only is it faster to install, but it saves a forest of timber.  These photos illustrate the advantages.  The formworkers building with Formshore AluFix took about 25% of the time.  They used no timber or plywood.  

Our designers will provide you with a fully engineered system, easy to follow plan and all the top quality Formshore gear you need.

Cheaper. Faster. Sustainable.  Formshore AluFix.

New - Formshore Cluster Props

The new Formshore cluster props are a market leading innovation.  The high capacity legs can be grouped in clusters to achieve massive loadings.  The 4m high 4 leg clusters in this photo have a capacity of 539kN.  Need more? Simply add more legs to the cluster. 
Formshore Cluster props can be put together by hand which means that they are perfect for high load situations where crane access is not practical. 


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